Lions and Tigers and…Baseball booties! Oh my!

panoramic view of baseball booties.

My good friend Erika is leaving for a new life in the States after several years in Korea, so we tried to cram in as much as we could during her last couple weeks here in Seoul. During her 4 years in Korea, she never went to a baseball game, and during my 4 months here, I’ve yet to embrace this aspect of korean culture, so last Wednesday we checked out a game with our co-teachers, Luna and Jasmine, who happen to be good friends as well.

Erika grew up watching baseball with her Dad…
my family never really got into any sports besides those to do with water, boats, and boogie boards (ya…that’s what happens when the marina and the beach are your playground…and your elementary school is called “Hollywood Beach School”)
Later on I experienced Dodger games in LA but never caught onto following the game (a bit of baseball ADD?).
I had a great time nevertheless and the biggest interest in this game for me was:
A) the fact they served SQUID and beer (great combo!), way better and healthier than Gordon Biersch garlic fries at Dodger games; and
b) the universality of cute baseball behinds.
c) having a great time with amigas and chingus…(“friends” in spanish/korean)

Erika, Jasmine, Doosan Bears’ Mascot, Me, Luna
sorry, had to get a pic with this statue.
Doosan girls!
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One thought on “Lions and Tigers and…Baseball booties! Oh my!

  1. Yay~! That was fun~~!^^ I'm going to miss you! When you come back to the States, we better meet up and go to a baseball game American style. Only, we should bring squid! lol!

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