Jeollanam-do Weekend

spent an amazing weekend in the Jeollanam-do province June 18-20. it felt good to get out in nature, make some new friends, and just do what i came here to do: explore and travel…

sunrise hike to the tune of Buddhist chanting and gongs up to Hyang-il-am temple in Yeosu…perched on a beachside cliff.



80 year old man who hikes…he had the most gorgeous blue eyes. i hope i’m hiking when i’m his age…
Yeosu Harbor….we got lost trekking thru here
raw crab yummy-ness
Sun Cheon Mon (Sun Cheon Bay Ecological Park)
Dinner and Sleep and Frog catching at Nagan Folk Village
pleaseeee turn into a prince!!! pretty please…
Striking a pose at Dahan Daewon green tea field~
Green tea picking and drying contest at Boseung Green Tea farm~

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