I’ve been having flashbacks of kindergarten and pre-school lately. I’m one of those weird people who remember things that happened when they were 2 years old.

I’m 5 years old, and it’s morning work time at Mary Law private school. Everyday for morning work we color a page in our coloring book. Today’s coloring sheet is a barn on a farm. I took out a black crayon and discovered that if I pressed REAAAALLLLY hard, it got reallllly shiny and cool looking. So I thought I was creating a masterpiece when I decided to fill the whole page up with black. I thought it was beautiful.
When the teacher came around to check our work, she told me it was bad coloring and gave me a minus mark instead of a check mark! I was so deflated. I’ll never forget how bad that felt.
I told my co-teacher about this memory today, and it dawned on both of us that we need to allow the kids to just do their best, make sure to praise and not criticize, because you never know what comment will stick with them until they are 20!
Other things I remember:
*learning to read, then thinking, oh no! i can’t stop! i can’t prevent myself from reading every sign, paper, any writing. I hated this.
*collecting rollie pollies and ladybugs in the grassy area of the school. i lived for this.
*cutting my lip with a razor when the nanny wasn’t looking. i’m afraid she got fired for that one.
*hawaii and florida, london trips. we travelled a lot.
*pooing my pants at my friend kristen’s house and being realllly embarrassed when her nanny was cleaning me up. oops.
*my first boyfriend, Zack. his parents wanted me to spend the night and my parents thought it was weird.
*old school printer paper (the kind with the holes on the sides!! yikes).
*playing school with all my dolls, and telling them, “now, class, I’m seven years old,” (I was probably 3 at the time), “so i’m a grown up and you need to listen to me”.
ahh and so much more…precious memories…

3 thoughts on “Flashbacks

  1. this made me laugh out loud. I too collected rolly pollies and caterpillers…until a girl at my preschool stole one of my treasured catepillers, went up to the teacher and in a very snide way said "mrs. __ shaaarreee righht??" B*tch. My mom came at that moment to pick me up…school was over…i didn't have my caterpiller..i started crying…and everyone thought i was crying cuz I didn't want to leave…I'm still frusterated 21 years later. Uhm..I really like how you pooped your pants at your friends. I made my best friend poop in our backyard…oops..

  2. Hahahaha now you've got me laughing out loud! You made her poop in the yard? classic.What a little biotch, even at 3 years old she pulled that, "shhhhaaareee right?". So did you tell your mom why you cried???I remember the bullies in pre-school and kindergarten, too!!!It's so funny, as I talk more and more to people, a lot of people don't remember pre-school! I think we are lucky…

  3. I tried to explain to my mom why I cried but I dont think she understood. I mean…a bawling three year old talking nonsense about a caterpiller doesn't really seem like a crisis to an adult…little did she know i'd be scarred for life…Ya i made her poop in the yard..twice. So I may or not be the bigger B*tch…We are still friends though..I've appologized.

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