After the Reiki group last Sunday I was quite emotional…a lot of deep feelings bubbled up. I needed to be by myself…reflect…maybe wander around and explore to get outside of my head.
Consulted my little “Korea Sparkling” guide (freebie from the tourist office)…and I found that Samcheong-dong was right at the bottom of the park.
“a picture taker’s paradise, but even if you don’t enjoy the taking of pictures, a stroll around Samcheong will do the trick” (oh I love translation…). So, I took a walk through Samcheong Park onto Samcheong-Dong.

this photo could have been taken on Main St. in SaMo 🙂
Samcheong-dong is my new favorite place in Seoul! My mood instantly lifted the second I saw the European-esque part of Seoul~no buildings above 3 or four stories!! Cafes, boutiques, tree-lined streets. I felt like i was back in Santa Monica (and oh how i miss Santa Monica! I loved living there…for the community, the yoga (bryan kest power yoga!), cafes…) . Anyways!!!

Took myself out to eat at Onmaeul, a “dubu (tofu) house”. Of course having dinner by yourself in Korea is not the norm, so I got barraged with questions from the well-meaning, but overly curious owner, “How old are you?”, “Are you married?”, “Korean boyfriend?”. Haha. The dinner was pretty tasty and only 6,000 won ($6). Plus I was a gonner for the restaurant when I saw their menu was on a wooden spoon.
Love it.

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