Reiki in Samcheong Park

This past Sunday I branched out and joined a Reiki group. Reiki is an energy healing modality that I’ve been interested in since introduced by my Santa Monica hairdresser, Mary-Cate. There are different levels of Reiki Practitioners, and the most trained are called “Reiki Masters”. In this group, we had a few practitioners, one Master, as well as newbies like me.

We all met up at Anguk Station in Insadong around 2pm. I instantly felt comfortable with several of the people in the group, it just felt good to be around holistic-y people again. I immediately connected with 2 of the other women over yoga talk. I missed that aspect of my friends from the holistic rehab where I worked before Asia.
We headed to beautiful Samcheong Park, where I’d never been before, and Kevin, the organizer of the group, led us all to a clearing just off the paved park paths. It felt like we had gone deep into the woods.

We started the group off with a “Sea of Oms” meditation led by Christian. The meditation is supposed to be free-flowing, with everyone “om-ing” at their own pace. However, our group was shy with each other at first. Everyone waited until they heard Christian or Kevin “om” to start “om-ing”.
We talked about the practice for a bit, then got down to business.
I volunteered first, I was excited!
So, I layed down on a yoga mat and for 30 minutes, Kevin practiced Reiki on me. I didn’t feel much during the session, but afterwards I was extremely emotional, and after talking to Kevin about what he picked up from my vibes, I started crying. Bawling my eyes out, cannot stop, crying. Every practitioner there said it was normal, and that I might even feel sick and thirsty for a day or two, then start to feel really good. I was thinking, “ya…maybe…not!!! you hocus pocus people”…
But, boy, they were right, I woke up the next morning with throbbing ears…
and I cannot get enough H20. I’m talking two 2L bottles a day.
I’m amazed by Reiki and I can’t wait for the July group.
After the group, I took a walk through the park center myself and take some photos. I swear, one of the greatest things about Korean parks are the acupressure foot paths. In Seoul, all you do is walk walk walk. which = tired, sore feet. These paths are very common…and very welcome.
After a walk, I sat down on a bench and took out my Korea guidebook to figure out where
to go next. A group of ajjumas (older ladies) were sitting on the next bench. One got up and handed me 4 rice cakes. It was very sweet, and I must have said “ganhasamnida” (Thank you) about 20 times. I have to mention that this isn’t the first time a stranger ajjuma has given me food…apparently it’s quite common. Just never something that would happen back in the States. Maybe they’re trying to tell me to eat more. With all this walking, the majority of my diet being veggies, plus dancing with the kiddos all day, I can hardly keep any meat on my bones!


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