Kebab Korean Fusion

The last 2 days I’ve been craving kebab. Must’ve had too much Korean food over the Deok Jeok Do island weekend.
So, the last 2 nights, I ate kebab.
The chicken is just sooooo tasty, greasy, salty, and delicious…but the bun and/or flatbread they put it on is made with nothing but nasty white starch. So what is a girl to do?
Last night I ate at Mr. Kebab in Itaewon. The chicken was very tasty, especially with the garlic sauce all over it. The garlic sauce, according to the owner, is a mixture of garlic, mayo, yogurt, and his “secret”. I asked Mr. Kebab owner for a fork, since I don’t eat white starchy bread. I was in kebab heaven for about 2 minutes, but I left Mr. Kebab feeling like I wanted 10 more kebabs…
So I’ve been taking note of how Koreans take most fillings here and wrap it in lettuce or gim (dried seaweed). Meat, fish, rice, veggies, you name it. Clever. Healthy. Calorie saver. Adds some heft to the meal. And wayyyy more nutritious than bread.
tonight I ordered a take-out kebab from Istanbul…tonight a mix of chicken and falafel…
had some leftover gim and sesame leaves from a couple nights ago…and added some of my homemade yogurt to the side..and…


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