Lotus Lantern Festival!

Lantern collecting and dancing to the beats of Korean marching bands.
photos courtesy: B. O’Rourke (Thanks Brendan!) 🙂

Okay, I officially am having a wonderful time here in Seoul!
The weather is now sundress worthy, I’ve met some amazing people, and am happy as a clam.
This past Sunday was the Lotus Lantern Festival in Insadong. Insadong and the surrounding area of Jongno is what I’d call the cultural mecca of Seoul. Alongside skyscrapers are beautiful old Buddhist temples and shrines, which were decorated with beautiful lanterns during the weeks leading to the festival. The festival is held in honor of Buddha’s Birthday every year.

Seeking shade underneath countless paper lanterns. If you look closely enough, you can see the paper prayers hung from the bottom for the worshipper’s ancestors and family.
photos courtesy:B O’rourke

Us girls posing for a pic with the lanterns we made ourselves. I love crafts.

Temple. Yes, we actually went in and sat in awe. I plan to go visit for Sunday services simply for the peace I felt here.

The sheer bliss of joining in the Lotus Lantern Parade~we danced to the amazing music alongside the parade-ers. It was pure bliss.
photos courtesy:A. Brady (Thanks Amanda!)


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