Getting a Feel for Things in Seoul

 It SNOWED this week!! This is the field next to my school…A nice respite from the rest of Seoul which consists of lots and lots of CEMENT.

Things are going good here. At first I thought the commute to school would be awful…45 minutes and 3 bus/subway transfers…but there are a few positives to this..

1. Exercise…

45 minutes of moving, which includes stairwalking, hustling to and from school…umm that is an hour and a half of moving per day give or take. No gym membership necessary! Of course, it would be easy to be lazy and just take the escalator but why not take advantage? Seoul has a million stairs.

2. Express Bus Terminal

Seoul’s main hub of transportation. Everyday, I pass through express bus terminal where there are TONS of vendors for clothes, flowers, shoes, boots, food…insane. I bought a cute little sweater dress for $15. After work I wandered around and couldn’t even walk long enough to reach the end of it. Sooooo much to see and do. overwhelming.

 I also had my health check up…where they took a chest xray, 3 vials of blood, and pee. so i guess i’ll find out if anything is wrong with me! These are the robes they put us in…wonder how many people wore this that day???

After the health check up at Seoul Medical Center, three of us new teachers ended up at the COEX…an enormous maze of a mall. Koreans LOVE their shopping.

Oh and the reason I’m here…the J-O-B….

My kids are 3.5 to 4 years old and love to sing in English. It’s nice to have a happy job. The kids are so young and are at that age where they don’t get embarrassed yet of being silly.  They’re just pure love. 

The adjustment to city life is…interesting. Sometimes it is so much fun navigating this city and seeing all the sights…but I’ve been struggling a little bit. It’s been a lot of drinking and eating because that it just the culture here…and it’s sooo different from my lifestyle back home which was hardly ever drinking (a wine tasting here and there) and walking down the beach every morning.  Everyday I seem to go from “I love this place” to “What the f*** am I doing here?”. I think it will just take a while to settle in and find the right routine and hobbies.  I do really like the Korean food, especially Korean BBQ’s galbi (beef) and samgipsal (pork).

view from the elevator of my apartment building…home sweet home 🙂


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