I’m hereeeee!

After a 12 hour flight, me and my 2 giant blue steamer trunks (plus 2 carry-on’s) arrived yesterday around dinnertime!

The flight wasn’t too bad…Korean Air has a personal entertainment center on each seat so I basically watched 12 hours of movies, documentaries, and TV shows! Didn’t sleep a wink. And the flight attendants are beautiful young Asian women who wear these futuristic outfits and you can tell they earn their paycheck onboard that plane–they were at the cabin’s beck and call for 12 hours straight. The food on the plane was…interesting. Lunch was actually decent. Bimbimbap. Dinner was a bland fish with some mayonaissey yogurt on the side.

Took an hour long bus ride to meet up with friends…and just looking out the window I realized that I could have left everything at home and bought it here! Yup, one outfit would have been just fine. Which I probably knew beforehand, but just couldn’t part with my stuff. Something to work on, I guess. There are cute little shops lining the streets and I can’t wait to go take a look! Well, lesson learned.
When I arrived at the bus stop, I had to somehow get across the street with all my stuff. Luckily, two Canadian teachers picked up on my confusion at how to solve this debacle and were kind enough to help me across the street. TRAVEL LIGHT!!!
I should have been exhausted but I was full of energy once I met up with my friends, Grayce and Ryne. I’m staying with them (thank you guys!) in Haebangchon until I find my own apartment, which will probably be in the coming few days. So, they asked what I felt like doing. Of course, I was STARVED, and I’d watched every foodie documentary available on the flight, so I was dying for some real-deal kimchi and Korean bbq, and very ready for a drink of soju. So, they took me to this amazing little place and we had a feast!
I think I’m going to really like it here…
Time to go get ready for my first day of work!

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